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Stop Leaving Money On The Table!

There's big pressure on stock photography prices these days but that doesn't mean you have to accept anything less than a fair and reasonable payment for your photography.

The Stock Photo Price Calculator takes real-time feedback from our 5000+ photographer members, so you always get an accurate guide of current market prices.

The Stock Photography Price Calculator will tell you what other working photographers consider a fair price for over 45,000 Rights-Managed Uses of your stock images.

It's quick and easy-to-use so you can get the information you need to price your photography accurately with just a couple of clicks.

This gives you the confidence to negotiate your photo sales efficiently and professionally, no matter what the photo-buyer asks for...

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  • Make sure you get paid what your photos are really worth, each & every time!
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  • Currently 45000+ usage combinations, with new uses added all the time
  • Constantly updating in real-time, based on 5000+ photographer's feedback
  • Negotiate with confidence, knowing your starting point is always on the money!

Whether you use this photography price calculator or not... always remember... you don't have to give your work away for peanuts, just to stay in the game!

Last Price Calculated

  • Electronic Media: Website - Commercial
    Duration: Up To 1 Year
    Size On Screen: Icon or Thumbnail
    Visitor Volume: Up To 1,000 Visitors Per Day
    Placement: Secondary Page
    Region : United States
    Calculator Price: US$201.78

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Feedback From Our Members

It's helped me get my rates up to current standards...

Since I don't do a whole lot of stock sales, I'm not really up to date on current pricing models. I turn to Stock Photo Price Calculator every time, to get me started, and it's been most helpful in getting my rates up to current standards. I am also working with an interior designer to set up a stock site of her work for her vendors, and we will be depending on Stock Photo Price Calculator for our pricing model. Thanks, I appreciate this service!

Jan Stittleburg, USA

A great starting point for negotiations

Thanks heaps for your photo price calculator. It is a great guide that I refer to regularly and often find myself asking for (and getting) a little more most times i do!

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