About The Calculator

The Stock Photo Price Calculator was set up in 2005 as an initiative by the GlobalEye Images Photo Stock Agency, in response to ongoing pressure on stock photography prices from the (then) emerging MicrosStock libraries.

Many photographers were feeling overwhelming pressure to give their work away for next-to-nothing in the belief that 'everyone was doing it' and that they'd somehow miss out if they held firm for fair and reasonable payment.

We felt it was important that these independent photographers have access to real-time data, not just for pricing their own work, but also so they could see that other photographers were holding firm as well.

There may well be a huge market for cheap images at throw-away prices, but no photographer should ever feel that they have to give their work away for peanuts just to stay in the game.

The concept proved extremely popular and with absolutely no advertising, we now have over 5000 registered photographers using this Calculator website on a regular basis.

Hundreds of price calculations are run every week, and a steady stream of new photographers keep arriving, all from word-of-mouth referrals.

The Calculator updates itself automatically, based on real-time feedback from the photographers using it, so it offers a fairly accurate representation of 'market values' for rights managed photo licensing.

Users should keep in mind, our photographer membership is truly international, so there are likely to be variations in different regions. The calculator is currently showing prices in US dollars only, so you should remember to make your own conversions to your local currency.

You should also remember that less common usages will be slower to catch up to market values. In particular, the higher the sale value, the more care you should take.

Always remember the Stock Photo Price Calculator is intended to offer a guide to photo prices ... you should always research your buyer and the market sector to ensure the suggested price is appropriate.

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