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If you sell your photography yourself or through a stock library... or you're looking into it... it has never been so important that you have fast, easy access to good pricing information.

Unfortunately there are a lot of operators in this industry who will tell you you need to give your work away for peanuts... just to survive...

But the fact is these stock libraries target the lowest end of the market with a high-volume, low-margin distribution model.

It's a business model that generates enormous profits for their shareholders but does little for their photographers.

For this approach to work, they NEED a steady supply of photographers who'll accept the deal... no matter how bad it is... to replace those that try it and walk away in frustration.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of photographers who don't know any better; who will line up to give their work away at heavily discounted prices, usually on unrestricted open-ended licenses.

The good news is, there are still plenty of buyers who will pay fair and reasonable prices for quality photography.

Buyers who respect you and your work and are happy to license just the rights they need and let you preserve the value of your images.

And there are stock libraries that will work with you and market your work to these quality buyers.

Image Libraries that still view stock photography as a partnership...

So whatever else you take away from your visit here today, I hope you'll always remember you do have options and you don't have to sell your photographic soul just to survive!

(And any stock library that tells you otherwise does not have your best interests at heart!)

If that makes sense and you want an easy option to double-check your pricing any time you need it...  then I do encourage you to act now and grab your lifetime membership to the Stock Photo Price Calculator today...

It helped me many times...

Thanks for your great site and calculator. It helped me many times to come up with sometimes tricky billing solutions. Also your personal attention to questions and suggestions is great.

Klaus Rossler, Sioux Lookout, Canada

So How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

Stock Photo Price Calculator eCover

There is a small one-time fee to help cover our costs in keeping the Calculator current and improving the associated services.

At some stage we will probably have to switch to a recurring monthly subscription...

But for a little while longer, you can secure lifetime access for a single payment of just $24.95.

This is quite possibly the smallest investment you'll make in your photography business this year, but it could easily be the most valuable. Most photographers will cover their outlay with their first successful sale.

Registration only takes a minute and you'll have full immediate access to the Stock Photo Price Calculator.

Stock Photo Price Calculatorgetstarted

Thanks again for your interest here today.

No matter what else you might have heard... Stock photography is still a great business option for any serious photographer.

It's an industry that cannot exist without talented photographers.

The mass-distribution multi-nationals might get by crowd-sourcing mediocre images from amateur photographers, but there's a growing number of high-end buyers who are sick of sifting through the rubbish trying to find the quality they need.

Those quality buyers value their time and are prepared to pay fair and reasonable prices for quality images.

So it's high time the photographers take back control and demand fair payment for their professional images.

The fact that we're getting busier here... and we get hundreds of new photographers coming through here every week...  tells me the tide is turning and photographers are realising that they're only ever get what they stand up and ask for.

Now that you're here, I encourage you to come on board and get involved .

When you know what your work is really worth... and what other photographers are getting paid for similar uses... you'll be more confident asking for more and you'll be surprised how often you get it.

And together we can take on the discount-superstore mentality that's been dominating our industry for far too long!

Thanks in advance for your help!



Matt Brading



P.S. The Other Reason We Ask You To Contribute...

Since we rely on Member feedback to constantly fine-tune the Calculator, this fee also ensures we only get serious photographers joining who can in fact contribute to our community.

So when you join the Stock Photo Price Calculator today, you not only gain access to fast, accurate photography pricing... forever... you're also supporting future development and helping us make this even more accurate.

And by joining our photographer's community you also help educate all photographers to the true value of their work, and you encourage the less experienced to stand firm for fair and reasonable payment... and that helps us all.

So this really is a win-win-win situation, and quite possibly the best investment you'll make in your business this year.

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More Feedback From Our Members

A price that I had confidence in and the agency accepted readily...

I had no experience of selling photos so when an advertising agency contacted me requesting to use a picture from my website, I was stuck for an answer until I found the Stock Photo Price Calculator. With only a a few clicks, I had a price that I had confidence in and the agency accepted readily.

Paul James, Whitby, Canada

Extremely useful and well configured website...

Extremely useful and well configured website. The information provides a helpful guide to both aspiring and advanced photographers.

Leburu Mahumapelo, Johannesburg, South Africa

A much needed tool...

The Stock Photo Price Calculator has been a much needed tool to get some consistency in the pricing for photo sales.

Nelson Kenter, Missoula, MT

Thank God it's there!

I have been in the photography business for over forty years and have over this time developed a good sense of what a particular photo is worth for a certain usage. Even so, the possible uses for any given image these days has increased tremendously and often I'm asked to price the use of a photo for a use that I haven't even heard of before.

This is when I turn for guidance to, a site I have been using for many years. By perusing all the possibilities and parameters that are possible I'm almost always able to at least get in the ballpark with my pricing of these difficult requests.

I'll often check the site even though I'm fairly sure of what a good price would be, just to be certain that my estimates are still current and realistic. has to be a bookmarked site for any photographer selling his or her photos. Thank God it's there!

David Ryan, Boise, Idaho, USA

Thanks to you all who make it possible!

The website Stock Photo Price Calculator has been very helpful and valuable to me many times in the past couple of years. I used to use another software but in comparison this is so much more updated and the interface is extremely clear and easy. I have turned to this web site to help me estimate bids and feel confident I am hitting the mark for the professional standards of the photo industry. Thanks to you all who make it possible!

Felicity Murphy, Los Angeles, CA

It helped me many times...

Thanks for your great site and calculator. It helped me many times to come up with sometimes tricky billing solutions. Also your personal attention to questions and suggestions is great.

Klaus Rossler, Sioux Lookout, Canada

My initial quote isn't a shot-in-the-dark...

It's great to be able to do a quick "sounding" when publishers ask for an image price quote given their geographic distribution and print impressions/voume. The SPPC allows me to do that quickly and easily -- a great starting point. I don't have to feel my initial quote is a shot-in-the-dark. Thanks for the site and service. I've used it many times as a resource.

Paul McMahon, Madison WI USA
Heartland Images

Allows us to adapt our fees for the international market...

As we are a Vietnam based photo agency, StockPhotoPriceCalculator has always been helpful to us. Using their precious information allow us to adapt our fees in respect of the international market. Thank you, NOI Pictures.

Mr Francois Carlet-Soulages, Hanoi, Vietnam
NOI Pictures

I use your site to educate potential buyers...

Thanks for being there! Stockphotopricecalculator is the FIRST place I turn to whenever I have a pricing question, and it is the first place I send anyone else with a "how much do I charge" type of question. I have been able to use your site to educate potential buyers not only to the fact that they must pay, but also as to how much they should pay.

It has made a huge difference between people wanting me to "give it a way" vs paying a reasonable fee. I cannot thank you enough!

Skip Rowland, Richmond, Va, USA

The immediate feedback was invaluable...

Stock Photo Price Calculator was very useful to me when I had a client that was interested in an image for possible use on the front cover of a biography. Being able to fill in the distribution area, quantity, and terms of use and receive immediate feedback as well as different variations to quote my client was invaluable! I frequently use Stock Photo Price Calculator for a number of other assorted stock image projects as well.

Jim Rinaldi, West Jefferson, OH USA

I rely on the Stock Photo Price Calculator...

My income from selling stock is not large. I rely on the Stock Photo Price Calculator website to give me guidance when I do sell a photo. Otherwise, I would not have a good idea what a fair price is.

Kenneth Ingham, Albuquerque, NM, USA

A foot in the door and an edge-up on the competition

Stock Images are big business. Successful photographers, on the whole, view their vocation as a business. To be successful in selling your stock images you must remain competitive. When dealing with a client, especially if I am talking to a busy art director, the time spent must be to the point and the price that I have in mind for the project must be fair and accurate. There is no all-inclusive price for the use of a stock image. There are many factors that must be considered when pricing an image; repro size, placement, media type, geographical distribution, and many others. This is where the Stock Price Calculator saves the day.

The Calculator weighs the variables and provides the necessary guidlines for me to give a competitive, industry standard quote for the job at hand. With the information from the Calculator I can confidently approach my client with a quote that we can intelligently discuss. It gives me a "foot in the door", so to say, and I believe an edge-up on the competition

Recommend it to all new photographers...

I've used several times in the past. It helped me a lot to have a clear idea of the standard prices for licencing my images to potential clients. I would certainly recommend it to all photographers new to the business.

Ben Heine, Brussels Belgium

I always check this website as a reference point...

I always check this website as a reference point for my pricing quotes. Having been a widely published editorial and Travel photographer I always try to push for top dollar. I feel there are too many Newbee photogs that just want to see their work published, not good for the overall market. My home base has been Bellingham, WA for the past 25 years, but have traveled worldwide extensively on assignment for most major magazines.

Phil Schofield, Bellingham WA

A fantastic resource for my business...

I use the stock photo price calculator on a regular basis to calculate fair licensing fees for my photography. I've used it to provide quotes to potential clients looking to use my images in magazines, calendars, books and on websites. The calculator is simple to use, robust and provides accurate quotes. Thank you for providing such a fantastic resource for my business!

Bret Edge, Moab, Utah

Determine reasonable fees very quickly

I've found the stock price calculator to be very useful for me in the Washington DC area. Many times I've shot photos for companies and then been contacted by third parties to get prices for usage. Because many of these are outlets are very specific to one industry, they are often trade publications, for instance a generic "here's what I always charge" system wouldn't be appropriate. So being able to use your price calculator has allowed me to determine reasonable fees very quickly and get photos to my clients.

Thomas Graves, Washington DC

A great starting point for negotiations

Thanks heaps for your photo price calculator. It is a great guide that I refer to regularly and often find myself asking for (and getting) a little more most times i do!

Good & informative free services...

Good & informative free services ever seen. Will help the photography industry a lot, better have another section that educate new photo buyers.

Ken Tam, Zhuhai & China

It's helped me get my rates up to current standards...

Since I don't do a whole lot of stock sales, I'm not really up to date on current pricing models. I turn to Stock Photo Price Calculator every time, to get me started, and it's been most helpful in getting my rates up to current standards. I am also working with an interior designer to set up a stock site of her work for her vendors, and we will be depending on Stock Photo Price Calculator for our pricing model. Thanks, I appreciate this service!

Jan Stittleburg, USA

A Trusted Tool

In an industry evolving as fast as (commercial) photography Stock Photo Price Calculator is a trusted tool for benchmarking pricing, everyone knows and can estimate prices, everyone can look to what their peers are quoting but is it even better with Stock Photo Price Calculator as a reference point.

On a regular basis this tool has confirmed we were either on-target with our quotations or provided a guideline in unknown situations to us, benchmarking a proposal to our clients. For emerging and advanced pro's alike, Stock Photo Price Calculator is a great starting point.

Bob Hendriks Concepts, Montreal, Canada

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