Something’s Wrong With This Picture?

Here's one of our first attempts of Video Marketing... a short promo video we put together for the launch of GlobalEye Images. We published it on Youtube and all the other video sharing sites, and it did a great job for us... getting us some quick page one listings in Google and generating a lot of interest and traffic to the new website.

I pretty much forgot about it for 12 months or more, then going through the website logs I noticed a heap of traffic coming from this page on YouTube... by which time it had received over 26,000 views! A closer look at the analytics revealed the video was still ranking well in Google for a number of  keyword phrases we'd never been able to list our own websites for!

Just another example of why we love video marketing around here!

Update May 2013: We've since moved this video to a new YouTube account so the counters have reset, but we've also posted in on the GlobalEye blog, so they're ticking over nicely and this video still brings in dozens of visitors, every single week!


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