Stock Photography Pricing 101

PhotoPriceGuide180While our automatic Stock Photography Price calculator is a great tool and will usually be all you ever need, it is also important that you understand the way prices are calculated. This helps you anytime you don't have access to the Calculator, and it's also a big help any time you're negotiating with Clients.

So we've put together a short guide to Stock Photography Prices that you can download below. We've also included a special report, our do-it-in-your-head Simple Photography Pricing System. That gives you the ability to work out a fair and accurate price, in your head, any time you don't have immediate access to the Calculator.

The only catch is you'll need to give us a social share or a like on one of the services below! This helps gets the word out about the Calculator, which helps us all, so it's a great deal all round!

Thanks for the Share ... Here are your downloads...

Photography Pricing Guide

This zip file contains both your ebooks in PDF format.

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